About Us

COOLIDEA TECHNOLOGY LLP is dedicated to helping clients achieve high performance by combining our deep understanding of local business conditions with a global experience of what works to deliver innovative and successful services.

COOLIDEA TECHNOLOGY LLP has evolved from Enterprise and Service Provider solutions to addressing customer needs in many segments including Business Process Outsourcing, Business Application Services, Cloud Services, Software Development, Data management, Analytics and Information Management etc for clients in micro, small, medium and large levels.

COOLIDEA TECHNOLOGY LLP brings together the best people, processes, and technologies to provide high-quality and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for all your business needs. We always defined our self as being a solutions-oriented company

Our development teams continually push the boundaries of existing technologies while identifying entirely new categories of solutions and alternative ways to deliver these solutions for the advancement of our customer. Similarly, our research teams are on the alert for new technology trends that can catapult a company's capacity to master its future.

We have a high standard of reputation for quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness while delivering our service to clients in various Industries. The industries in which we have served clients include the Banking and Financial Services sector, Healthcare, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, and Telecommunications. We provide customized IT solutions for all levels of Corporates, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Improve Storage Efficiency,and Provide Data Isolation. Schedule a Consultation to Know More. Get a Special Price When You Combine COOLIDEA TECHNOLOGY LLP Protect Plus and FlashSystem Entry Model. Ensure Data Compliance. Enhanced Security. Protects Sensitive Data.Recover Your Lost or Deleted Data From All Storage Media. 100% Safe and Secure Recovery. We Recover Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents and All type of Database Files.

Corporate Values

  • Integrity
    Integrity is the foundation of our business. We will adhere, individually and collectively, to our commitments, our values, and the ethical conduct of our business.
  • Commitment
    We are committed to each customer’s success and satisfaction by offering top quality products and services that are both innovative and pragmatic.
  • Sustainability
    Our top-of-the-line solutions represent our dedication to our clients’convenience and prosperity, our society’s welfare, and our employees’ personal and professional growth.
  • Responsibility
    We value trust and personal responsibility in all our relationships and aspire to improve the environment through our wide range of products.

mission and vision

    Develop and maintain highly effective, reliable, secure, and innovative information systems to support instructional, administrative and research functions. Facilitate the collection, storage, security and integrity of electronic data while ensuring appropriate access.