Cloud Services

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses consume technology. It’s making it more accessible, productive and affordable. With cloud services you can have the same technology and resources that were once only available to large, enterprise businesses without high capital expenditures. Our goal at COOLIDEA TECHNOLOGY LLP is to help you make the right choices when considering cloud services for your business.
Small businesses usually can’t afford an IT infrastructure that includes the latest hardware, hosted at top data centers with physical security, redundant power, cooling, fire suppression, etc. but with cloud services provided by COOLIDEA TECHNOLOGY LLP, small- to medium-sized businesses can get all this and more.
Because cloud computing offers applications, tools and resources not previously available to SMBs, we can help with the following
> Customization of applications and services
> Integrating your on-site infrastructure and applications with the cloud
> Centralized management of hosted systems

We offer cloud solutions that cover the following areas:
> Hosted Email. No more expensive licenses, maintenance and server costs to host your emails.
> Servers. By having virtual servers, performance is increased and you’ll be better prepared to handle your business growth needs.
> Applications. Running applications through cloud services means software can be maintained more easily rather than through individual users’ local computers. With cloud, update once not once for every local computer.
> Desktops. With virtual desktops, you only need low cost, lower power computers. Let the cloud do all the work, saving you time in the management and deployment of applications and desktop operating systems.