Email Server Installation and Support

We know that businesses today are fully dependent on email for internal communications between employees and external communications with customers. Simply put, email is integral to the way business operates. That’s why at EasemyIT our email server installation and support services also include troubleshooting, spam management and archiving.


We take a proactive approach to computer services and network solutions. Our email server installation services help us provide reliable email systems for our customers. We do the following and more:

> Install email servers and ensure they work properly
> Set up and maintain your email clients
> Make sure you’re getting the most from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) by setting up email accounts
> Create web mail email accounts giving you and your employees personalized Internet email accounts
> Help you communicate internally via an Internet messenger service or troubleshoot customer issues via chat.


At EasemyIT we know it’s essential to keep your email server and systems running as smoothly as possible to mitigate email disruptions that could affect your productivity and bottom line. Our email server support services help you with everything from increasing speed to updating email server and client programs.


Whether you have an internal Exchange server or use a hosted email provider, we can ensure that your email works as fast as you do. With a hosted Exchange email server you get the added advantage of using the latest technology without the headache and costs of obsolete equipment and upgrades. Your email will be fully compatible and accessible from many email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, Entourage, MacMail and other email clients on Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix operating systems. Our business email hosting packages will support Webmail and mobile mail programs for iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphones, the Android and more.


If your email isn’t protected from dangerous spam, viruses and spyware, the cost of damages can be extremely high: faltering productivity, lost sales opportunities, and even damage to your reputation.

> EasemyIT can protect you from spam whether you are connected to your network or not.
> Our powerful Spam Blocker requires zero client installations and features an intuitive GUI making it easy for administrators to use.
> Preventing spam helps extend the life of your email server because it won’t have to work so hard dealing with superfluous email.


Our archiving solution will keep all your email correspondence safe and easily accessible for future use. Email is your intellectual property and as such needs to be secured for future use. We can archive your sent and received email so you’ll have it when needed for correspondence, litigation, compliance or tax records.