Mitigate Email Disruptions

It hasn’t taken long for email to replace the majority of phone calls and make the fax machine all but extinct. Businesses are utterly dependent on their email, but are you one of the millions of small businesses that deal with email disruptions on a regular basis? Do you know how it affects your productivity and bottom line?

Consider what would happen if you weren’t able to send or receive email for a few hours. What about an entire day, or even two days? How much money would you lose? How many customer service messages would go unanswered? How many items would not get shipped? How many opportunities would be missed?


> Our certified technicians can help bolster the infrastructure and security of your computer systems. We can set up and maintain your email clients and ensure your servers are working properly. If you don’t currently have an email solution, we can suggest a hosted email exchange service to meet your needs.
> Our Spam Management tools will keep your email system moving so you can maintain productivity through uninterrupted email communication.
> Our archiving solution will keep all your correspondence safe and easily accessible for future use. We can archive your sent and received email so down the road you’ll have it for future correspondence, litigation, compliance, or tax records. And our archives will even provide you with access after you upgrade or change your email systems.

Keep your business communications up and running. Ask us about our email services.